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Climbing Walls

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Lead Climbing

Hailed as the most popular form of rock climbing, it is climbing with a rope wherein bolts are drilled into the rock or wall.  Since the climbers are attached to a rope, it’s safe but at the same time gives a quick adrenaline rush as you scale up

Speed Climbing 

Speed Climbing – Speed is the ultimate goal here, which can be achieved by a highly trained person. Speed climbing can be done on rocks, walls or polls. When we talk about a quick ascent to the top, time becomes an important factor so does focus and precision. Speed climbing is not just an intense burst of energy but a sport that requires practice and discipline.

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This is a form of free climbing which is performed on artificial rock wall or rock formations. There is no rope or harness used in this kind of climbing. We can add shapes, angles or any features as per your adventure quotient. This can be easily set up inside the comfort of your home or in a commercial establishment like a gym or a sports centre.

Speed Relay

A competitive sport in which climbers or athletes are specifically trained for this as the climber who reaches the top of the climbing wall in the fastest time is declared the winner.

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Latest Projects

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