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Building Climbing Walls


we specialize in crafting top-tier climbing walls for professionals, schools, builders, government entities, gyms, armed forces, police, adventure parks, and more. Our custom designs cater to your budget and space, ensuring an exhilarating adventure. Choose from various climbing wall types tailored to your needs and desires for the ultimate experience!


  • Indoor Climbing Walls

  • Outdoor Climbing Walls

  • Climbing Walls with multiple setups

  • Multiple Climbing Walls for Gyms

  • Customized Climbing Walls for personal use


Inspection & Maintenance

We examine the safety level of walls, protection systems, and foundations.

  • Wall testing and anchor testing.

  • Welding attachments and main structure bolts.

  • Maintenance servicing, including checking belay anchors, climbing holds, and lubrication.

  • Detailed inspection of structures for signs of wear and tear.

  • Detailed inspection of mats and flooring.

  • Comprehensive compliance checks.

  • Equipment inspection and repairs."

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"Rock climbing is a sport that involves ascending steep rock faces using specialized equipment and techniques. Climbers use their hands, feet, and sometimes their entire bodies to navigate challenging routes. It requires strength, agility, and mental focus as climbers strategize their way up the rock, often facing diverse terrain and obstacles. Safety is paramount, with climbers utilizing ropes, harnesses, and anchors to protect against falls. Beyond its physical challenges, rock climbing offers a unique opportunity for personal growth, fostering problem-solving skills, confidence, and a deep connection with nature."

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"Wall climbing, also known as indoor climbing or indoor rock climbing, is a recreational activity where participants ascend artificial climbing walls constructed indoors. Climbers utilize handholds and footholds to navigate routes of varying difficulty levels, typically set by route setters. It offers a controlled environment for beginners to learn climbing techniques and for experienced climbers to train and improve their skills. Safety measures such as harnesses, ropes, and crash pads are commonly employed. Indoor climbing gyms provide a social and supportive atmosphere for climbers of all ages and abilities to enjoy the sport year-round."



​Route setting is crucial to maintain your climbers' interest. It should appeal to every age group. While the basic requirement remains the same, difficulty levels may vary based on the target audience. Therefore, it's important to set routes that strike a perfect balance between moderation and challenge. For competitive climbers, this ensures movement and balance by the standard grading system. We assist you in setting routes tailored to your target audience. With experts guiding you, you'll receive the best possible routes ensuring the highest safety standards.



We can assist you with: Preparation and planningRoute setting tailored to your target audience Selection of appropriate holds and screws Movement Balancing ease and difficulty Safety Creating enjoyable yet challenging routes

  • Advise on construction work

  • Latest Industry trends

  • Installation• Site analysis

  • Concept creation

  • Design and installation of an extension to your climbing wall

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